Trigeminal Neuralgia Relief in San Francisco

By Ryan Lawlor | Trigeminal Neuralgia

Jan 09
Trigeminal Neuralgia Relief in San Francisco

Trigeminal neuralgia episodes are often described as incapacitating. These attacks are fast – typically lasting no longer than 2 minutes, but they can occur in clusters. Often, these episodes are in response to a trigger. These triggers include:

  • Brushing your teeth
  • Washing your face
  • Smiling
  • Chewing
  • Sleeping on the side you have attacks
  • Putting on makeup

It can be frustrating to deal with these attacks, especially because of the frequency of these activities. Traditional trigeminal neuralgia management involves medication, injections, and possibly surgery. While these approaches may be effective in eliminating pain in the short-term, they do not address a potential root cause of trigeminal neuralgia symptoms.

How is my neck related to my trigeminal neuralgia symptoms?

Your spine is responsible for protecting your spinal cord. Your spinal cord is responsible for sending signals to and from your brain. When the top bone in your neck (atlas) misaligns, it creates pressure in your spinal cord.  When there is pressure on your spinal cord, the signals are distorted. This can potentially lead to trigeminal symptoms.

Dr. Lawlor is trained in upper cervical chiropractic – a gentle, specific approach aimed at correcting the atlas. Upper cervical chiropractic is incredibly precise, and every correction is tailored to each individual patient.  Through realignment of the atlas, there is reduced pressure on the spinal cord. This allows for proper signals to be sent to and from the brain. This may lead to a reduction in trigeminal neuralgia symptoms.

Grochowski reported a case of a 58-year-old female who suffered from debilitating neuralgia attacks. Over the course of nine weeks of upper cervical chiropractic care, she experienced relief of her symptoms and did not have a neuralgia attack. (2)

If you are interested in more information on how upper cervical chiropractic care could help trigeminal neuralgia, give Upper Cervical Union Square a call at 415-362-3500.


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Dr. Lawlor is one of a select few who are specially trained in Upper Cervical Chiropractic. Upper Cervical is a specialty focusing on the neuroanatomy and biomechanics of the upper neck. His focus is on this area because it houses the lower brainstem, which is notably an area of great importance in the body’s regulation of its internal environment (homeostasis), which keeps the body healthy. He specializes in migraine relief as he was a migraine sufferer for many years.