Blair Chiropractic Technique

This site is dedicated to the life-altering impact countless patients have received from the Blair Technique. Are you ready to enjoy overall wellness?


3 Simple Steps To A Healthier You


Precise Diagnosis

We begin by targeting any spinal misalignments through a series of advanced diagnostic tools.


Gentle Correction

Without any cracking, twisting, or popping of the neck, we gently correct and realign the upper cervical spine.


Healing & Maintenance

We do not treat the symptoms. We work with the body so it can heal itself and perform at its optimal best.

Precise, Gentle, Effective Relief

Supporting Chronic Pain, Migraines, Meniere's Disease, Post-Concussion Trauma, and Overall Wellness. Your body is a beautifully complex system. When the intricate network of nerves that connect this system gets out of alignment, the result can be chronic pain and overall poor health. This is why the Blair Technique was created.

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The focus of the Blair Chiropractic Technique is the association between the upper cervical spine (neck) and its effect on the central nervous system and brain stem function.

Simple Approach. Profound Results.

Often, the most profound changes come from the smallest shifts. In this same way, the Blair Technique has been creating lasting change in the lives of our patients. We know that the gentlest, most precise adjustments can guide the body back into alignment, allowing it to heal itself and function at its full potential.


Redefining Chiropractic Care

To those who felt there had to be a better were right. Blair is transforming the way people currently think about and receive chiropractic care. If it is time to focus on the solution, not the problem, and get back to living life to the’s time to discover Blair.

A Profound Effect on the Performance of Your Body

By gently (no more cracking, pulling or popping!) correcting and realigning the upper cervical spine, which is the epicenter of the complex nervous system, your body can naturally flow back into alignment, heal itself and perform at its optimal best! 

Dr. Jake Hollowell

Chiropractor of the year

Dr. Jake Hollowell was born in Oakland California, and raised in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. From an early age he was interested in anatomy, biology, and health. Destiny struck when he was introduced to chiropractic for the first time while playing high school football. Dr. Jake quickly fell in love with the science, art, and philosophy of chiropractic and soon after enrolled in Life University in Marietta, GA for pre-chiropractic studies.....

Blair Chiropractic Technique Testimonial - Dr. Christine G.

Dr. Christine Gulbranson, a scientist, holder of 5 advanced degrees, and a patient of Dr. Thomas Forest, describes her cognitive impairment as a result of a car accident and how Blair Chiropractic care helped restore her capabilities. Listen to her story.

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