Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Recovery Los Angeles

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Recovery Los Angeles

Atlas (c-1)Axis (c-2) Misalignments As An Underlying Contributing Factor to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Many people suffer from depression, chronic fatigue and basically have just lost their lust for life.  Most of these problems can be directly tied back to a childhood trauma.  A trauma to the upper cervical spine can cause the atlas vertebra to […]

Can UCC Change Abnormal Spine Curves?

Puede la UCC cambiar las curvas espinales anormales

Loss of Cervical Lordosis – Corrected after Upper Cervical Care Los Angeles visit.​The goal of Upper Cervical Care is to restore normal function to the body by removing impediments (subluxations) to the normal spine curves from the brain to body communication. Often times patients come to our offices with a variety of symptoms and diseases. […]

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