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Do You Have A Headache On Top Of Your Head?

Are You Feeling Pain On Top Of Your Head? | Natural Headache Relief

Do You Have A Headache On Top Of Your Head?If you consistently feel pain on the top of the head it is known as vertex pain (top of the head pain). This Type of headache can be associated with many different conditions. If you have experienced this type of pain you know that it is […]

How Can I Correct My Poor Posture In Los Angeles?

How Can I Correct My Poor Posture ?

Exercise Tips – How To Help Poor Posture ? Natural Procedure That Gets To The Cause Of Poor PostureIf most people stand long enough or sit in one position long enough they will find that they start to ache in several locations due to poor posture. When standing many people find it easier to stand […]

How To Avoid Neck And Arm Pain In The Workplace


Los Angeles Chiropractor Gives Tips On Workplace Ergonomics And Discusses A little Known Procedure Called Upper Cervical ChiropracticPatients often come to our Los Angeles upper Cervical chiropractic office with complaints of neck pain, shoulder pain, and arm pain. While much of this pain can be improved with proper ergonomics at their office desk, which we […]

Natural Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome Treatment

Natural Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome Treatment

Do Corrections In The Upper Cervical Spine Help Relieve Chronic Pain? | Natural Chronic Pain Treatment | Natural Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome TreatmentChronic Pain is a widespread problem throughout populations in the industrialized world. “June 29, 2011 — More than 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain at a cost of around $600 billion a […]

Natural Relief For Occipital Neuralgia

Natural Relief For Occipital Neuralgia

Natural Relief For Occipital Neuralgia | Atlas Axis DoctorsOccipital Neuralgia And Spastic Neck Muscles-Is There A Connection?Occipital Neuralgia is a pain syndrome that causes severe pain at the back of the head. Like its cousin, Trigeminal Neuralgia, it can completely take over one’s existence. Standard treatment options are strong pain killing medication and seizure medication. […]

A New Hope for Migraine Sufferers

Migraine Headache Relief

Migraine Headache Relief | Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractic | Alternative Migraine TreatmentIf you have ever suffered from migraines, then you know just how debilitating they can be. Besides the intense pain they cause, migraines will interfere with every aspect of your life. Many don’t realize that 80% of chronic migraine sufferers will have a stroke […]

Upper Cervical Care Improves Vertigo


Upper Cervical Care is SIMPLE. Yet its effects can be profound. If the Atlas is out of its proper position it sets up a cascade of events through the entire system. Stress on the brain-stem and associated spinal nerves can produce far-reaching deleterious effects to the body and the person living in it. Oftentimes patients […]