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Has The Cause of Meniere’s Disease Been Discovered?

Has The Cause of Meniere's Disease Been Discovered?

Meniere’s Disease And The Upper Neck | Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractic | Meniere’s Disease DoctorFinally, after over one hundred and fifty years, the most common cause of Meniere’s disease has been discovered. Michael Burcon, B.Ph., D.C. started researching Meniere’s disease (MD) sixteen years ago after having three MD patients quickly recover from vertigo under Blair […]

Menieres-Disease Charlotte Chiropractic


IF YOU SUFFER WITH MENIERE’S DISEASE PLEASE READ:If you have landed on this page it is the result of one of two reasons: 1. You are suffering with Vertigo, Menieres or a Vestibular Disorder and want help. 2. You know someone that is suffering and want to help them.We will discuss the most common underlying cause of […]

Neurological Basis For The Development Of Secondary Meniere’s Disease

Neurological Basis For The Development Of Secondary Meniere's Disease

Medical procedures that attempt to help cases with Meniere’s Disease and Hydrops tend to be radical and invasive. This article has been written to discuss the possible underlying mechanisms that may be at play with Meniere’s and Hydrops. Most people that suffer from chronic degenerative health problems find out that our current system of health care isn’t a system of health care at all, but a system of disease treatment and management. We want to illuminate a possible underlying cause for these horrible conditions that millions of Americans suffer with and unfortunately have little hope for recovery in our current system of “Health Care”.

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