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Vertigo - Spinning And Rocking Awareness
Aug 31

Vertigo Spinning & Rocking Awareness

By Drew Hall | Vertigo

What’s vertigo?Vertigo is an awareness of spinning, rocking, or the entire world spinning, experienced even when somebody is perfectly still.Many kids try to create an awareness of vertigo by turning about for a period; this sort of triggered vertigo lasts for several moments and then fades. In contrast, when vertigo happens spontaneously or as a […]

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Vertigo And Neck Injury-Is There A Connection?
Feb 18

Vertigo And Neck Injury – Is There A Connection?

By blairsoc | Vertigo

Vertigo is not well understood by the public, that is unless you have suffered with it! Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractic offices throughout the country see 100’s of Menieres Disease, Vertigo and Vestibular related cases a year. Most cases have been down the usual route: first to the primary care Physician, then referred to the HEENT, […]

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