Charlotte Upper Cervical Spine Center

Charlotte, Belmont, Upper Cervicval Spine Center

The Upper Cervical Spine Center is a Charlotte chiropractic office that provides natural health care treatments. For patients seeking chiropractors in Charlotte NC, our office is home to some of the best Upper Cervical Chiropractic specialists.

Dr. Ray Drury has been in private practice for over 22 years and has received numerous awards and recognition in the upper cervical profession. With an ability to help the worst of the worst cases, he has brought hope back into those who thought they were untreatable. His Charlotte Upper Cervical Chiropractic office has gained attention from many patients all over the world as the practice that could allow them to “get their lives back”. From patients who underwent surgeries that provided them no relief to patients who were told there was no treatment for them, Dr. Drury has proved time and time again the natural power the body possesses can fight against even the most severe conditions.

For those seeking an Upper Cervical Specialist, in Charlotte area, Dr. Drury’s office never charges for a consultation and provides you insight on what could be causing your condition rather than treating patients based on the symptoms. His ability to correct causes of his patients’ conditions have given them unbelievable results: from eliminating migraine headaches, relieving patients with Trigeminal Neuralgia, helping women with infertility who already underwent surgery, and even helping a young girl who was paralyzed begin to walk and use her hands again. Dr. Drury truly stands by his word of “the power that made the body, heals the body.”

After giving patients corrected adjustments around the most significant area of the body, the brainstem, patients have reported strong changes within their bodies shortly after. Depending on the severity of the patient’s condition, more adjustments may be recommended to help the body continue to heal itself over time. The amazing results reported from his patients have dubbed Dr. Drury the best chiropractor Charlotte and the surrounding area has to offer.

Dr. Drury teaches chiropractors all over the world the secrets behind Upper Cervical and how it differs from general chiropractic. How corrections in our most delicate area of the upper cervical spine can make a difference in how our bodies work and react to outside elements. His book, The Best-Kept Secret in Health Care, is an Amazon best-seller in four categories and helps others see some of the miracles upper cervical has made. It is filled with real life stories, including Dr. Drury’s own path of finding upper cervical and what it did for him. With his vast knowledge, he travels the world treating those in need and training other specialists to be the best they can be.

If you or a loved one is in pain and in need of a Charlotte chiropractor near you, this could be the diamond in the rough you’ve been looking for.

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