Shoulder Pain Treatment Union Square

Shoulder Pain Treatment Union Square

Union Square San Francisco Chiropractor Dr. Ryan Lawlor

Shoulder pain treatment can be relieved through our specialized services and treatments from San Francisco Chiropractor, Dr. Ryan Lawlor. As one of the most mobile joints in the human body, the shoulder also injuries somewhat easily. The extreme motions of being able to reach over the head, behind the back, and across the front of the body are the reason for this propensity. The shoulder joint is quite shallow and is bound together primarily by ligaments. The muscles that surround the shoulder are the element that actually give it much of its stability as well as its strength. The rotator cuff is a grouping of small muscles that hold the humerus, which is the bone in the upper arm, against the joint of the shoulder. There are several muscles in the upper chest and upper back that further stabilize the shoulder by ensuring its smooth and even motion.

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Shoulder pain can vary, from just a mild annoyance to the total inability to move the shoulder because of pain. The reason for this is because there are many different causes of shoulder pain. Mild pain is usually a result of overuse, caused by swelling and inflammation of the join, muscles, or tendons. This is generally called tendonitis or bursitis, and it frequently will go away on its own. If the pain lasts longer than just a few days, it should be evaluated by Dr. Ryan Lawlor.

Although the causes of your shoulder pain can vary, treatment is often similar regardless of the cause. Movement is an important part of healing as not moving the shoulder can result in a complication known as frozen shoulder. Union Square Chiropractor Dr. Lawlor can advise you as to what motions might exacerbate the pain and what motions might actually help heal the injury. Ice, ultrasound, and other therapeutic treatments can be used to eliminate the inflammation in the shoulder. This will generally result in a substantial decrease in pain. Stretching of specific muscles along with exercises that can be done at home can also help correct muscular imbalances that occur in the upper back and/or chest.

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Dr. Ryan Lawlor, can help you figure out the cause—and the cure—of your shoulder pain. Certified in a variety of chiropractic and soft tissue techniques, he can be reached at 415-362-3500. If you are in San Francisco Contact Union Square Chiropractor Dr. Lawlor today to make your appointment for shoulder pain treatment.



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