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Sick of dealing with your neck pain?

Sick of dealing with your neck pain?

For the majority of us, neck pain has reared its ugly head more than once. In reality, there are estimates that anywhere from one-in-ten into one-in-five men and women will experience an episode of neck pain in a specific calendar year. Although many studies report that between 33% and 65 percent of those individuals will recover

Whiplash Treatment that Tackles Root Cause

Many people associate whiplash with serious car accidents, but in fact, the condition can be caused by a number of activities.
Any sport that can result in a fall or a slip can also injure the neck. Examples would include skiing, horseback riding, football, and other jarring or contact sports. Sometimes a patient has just accidentally tripped in the course of their daily life.

What Are The Causes Of Shoulder Pain?

What Are The Causes Of Shoulder Pain? Blair upper cervical chiropractor

What Are The Causes Of Shoulder Pain?Shoulder pain is Americans is epidemic. Based on Norman Marcus Pain institute 40 percent of Americans suffer with chronic shoulder pain. Shoulder pain can be coming from a lot of different mechanism; however, the great majority of shoulder has its root in muscle tone imbalance and spasticity. In this […]

How To Avoid Neck And Arm Pain In The Workplace


Los Angeles Chiropractor Gives Tips On Workplace Ergonomics And Discusses A little Known Procedure Called Upper Cervical ChiropracticPatients often come to our Los Angeles upper Cervical chiropractic office with complaints of neck pain, shoulder pain, and arm pain. While much of this pain can be improved with proper ergonomics at their office desk, which we […]

Do You Have Chronic Neck Pain?

Do You Have Chronic Neck Pain?

Neck Pain Doctor | Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractic – Neck Pain SpecialistAccording to the Academy of Pain Management chronic pain has a deleterious effect on one’s quality of life. People who live in chronic pain are affected not only physically but mentally also. ARE YOU TIRED OF THE PAIN?  Schedule a FREE consultation with one […]