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Chiropractic therapy for my whiplash

Chiropractic therapy for my whiplash

You might have wondered, Who should go to for therapy for my whiplash difficulty You have many options out there in health care which range from drug-related approaches (for instance, narcotic medications) to normal forms of therapy like exercise, acupuncture, and meditation, and together with lots of others in between.

Side collisions can cause Whiplash

Side collisions can cause Whiplash

Whiplash is most commonly researched when it’s due to a rear collision in which the occupant of the car is injured by a flexion (forward) and extension (backward) whip-like mechanism of injury, but what happens when a T-bone kind of impact happens? The answer to this question is quite similar to a number of the factors related to any collision: the size of the bullet vs. target vehicle,

Natural Whiplash Treatment in Los Angeles


We’ve all heard of ‘whiplash’ before. Most commonly people imagine a car accident or a rollercoaster when they hear that term. Well, what is actually going on in the neck during whiplash? Whiplash is just a common term, the technical name for this type of injury is cervical acceleration-deceleration(CAD).

Whiplash Treatment that Tackles Root Cause

Many people associate whiplash with serious car accidents, but in fact, the condition can be caused by a number of activities.
Any sport that can result in a fall or a slip can also injure the neck. Examples would include skiing, horseback riding, football, and other jarring or contact sports. Sometimes a patient has just accidentally tripped in the course of their daily life.

Dr. Alex Bello and Whiplash


Whiplash injuries could have long-term consequences -migraines and vertigo to name a couple. One study that included 300 patients helped reveal a connection between whiplash injuries and various health ailments.The Outcome of the Analysis:Every participant in the study had suffered whiplash because of a vehicle crash or other head injury.The whiplash-induced vertigo was rated at […]

Whiplash | Auto Accidents | UC Care


Auto Accidents, Whiplash And Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractic Los AngelesIf you have been in a car accident or sustained a whiplash injury you should take it seriously. There is a lack of awareness in the public regarding whiplash injuries and their impact on health. Many whiplash and car accident victims have little to no symptoms […]

Whiplash Can Cause Chronic Health Problems

Whiplash Can Cause Chronic Health Problems

Healing Whiplash Injury | Chronic Health Conditions Can Be Caused By WhiplashDid you know that there are approximately 6 million reported car accidents each year? Many people experience whiplash trauma, however, few people understand the far-reaching effects that it has on human health. There is a general notion that people who claim injury from whiplash […]

Whiplash – More Than A Pain In The Neck!

Whiplash - More Than A Pain In The Neck!

When you hear the term whiplash, which was coined from the end of a bullwhip snapping, many people make jokes about it. It is no joke, especially if you have suffered from this type of accident. Studies indicate that 22% of the whiplash victims will never recover and 10% will experience severe debilitating constant neck pain. Although there are side-lash injuries, front end trauma, and rollovers, I will focus on the classic rear end accident.